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    Why Choose Waxing

Why Choose Waxing

Waxing offers a variety of benefits to your skin and hair removal routine. Not only are there longer lasting results but waxing also leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. Waxing is the perfect solution for anybody who is looking for a quick hair removal solution.

No Risk Of Cutting Yourself

On average women would usually shave their legs 1-2 times per week. Shaving poses the risk of cutting your skin and even though this may not be painful, sensitive areas of your skin have a higher chance of infection especially if you re-use your blades.

It Will Last Longer

Within a few days of shaving your legs you can feel prickly hairs beginning to re-grow. Waxing allows your legs to stay smooth for up to 3 weeks! When your life is busy, shaving every couple of days takes up a lot of time and the hairs are only being cut whereas waxing pulls the hair from the root so it has to completely re-grow.

Time Saving

There are always going to be some awkward spots that you miss when it comes to shaving as you can’t guarantee that you are going to remove every hair. Waxing allows you to be confident that you are hair free and left with silky smooth skin for a long period of time.

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