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    Top Tips for Perfecting Your At Home Beauty Routine

Top Tips for Perfecting Your At Home Beauty Routine

Let’s face it, we’re all ready to get back to the salon. However, saying safe and staying home is the best way to work together at the moment. In this blog we share some top tips for at home self-care to keep your beauty regime going.

Taking control of your own hair

Taking on proper hair care might seem daunting, but it can allow you to truly understand your own hair. There are lots of tips to help prolong your hair colour such as avoiding using heat and extending your time between washes.

It’s also a great time to experiment with updo’s, learning what suits your hair and to create styles yourself. Plus, there’s also plenty of time to plan your future hairstyle for your next hair appointment.

Treat Your Nails Right

If you are used to having your regular nail appointments, it can unusual to have bare nails. However, it’s the perfect time to let your nails have a break and repair any damage. If you have outgrown gels, you can remove them by soaking some cotton wool in acetone and applying this to your nail until the gel has softened and you can remove it gently.


We all have that one cupboard or draw that’s full of unused beauty and makeup items. Why not use this period to declutter and sort out your favourites from the forgotten items. You may find lots of hidden gems and gain some more storage whilst you are at it too!

Plus, now is the prime time to clean your makeup brushes as they are not being used as much as normal.

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