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    The Top 5 Benefits of Waxing!

The Top 5 Benefits of Waxing!

Hair Removal can be time consuming and tedious, but could there be a better solution that not only has longer lasting results but makes your skin feel great? That’s where waxing creates the perfect solution!

Time Saving

On average women shave their legs around 1-2 times a week, although it may not seem like much it all adds up. Having waxing done professionally means that you are not endlessly shaving and as the hair is pulled from the root you can enjoy silky smooth legs for weeks to come.

Less Irritation

Shaving is well known for causing irritation, no matter what type of razor you use there is always the chance of a rash forming especially on sensitive skin. Plus, the more often you shave the worst the irritation can become. Waxing is different, the process and wax used mean you are not left with skin soreness, instead just great results!

Long Lasting

Shaving might be an easy solution but in the long run it just isn’t effective. Waxing offers smooth hair free skin for 3-6 weeks and means you don’t have to worry about shaving 2 times every week! You will also find that there will be reduced prickliness and itchiness which is a great advantage.

Great Results

No matter how much you shave or try other hair removal methods, it’s hard to achieve the feeling of silky-smooth skin for a long period. That’s why waxing is the perfect solution especially for Summer holidays as it gives your legs a glowing finish and requires no maintenance.

No More Cuts

We’ve all been in the same situation where we are reaching for a tissue to dab the cut on our leg caused by shaving. It starts to become part of the parcel with shaving, but it doesn’t have to be… The waxing we offer is virtually pain free and doesn’t cause cuts or grazes that take a while to heal, instead it’s a clean finish and the results speak for themselves.

If you are looking into waxing, look no further than Belle Ame Hair & Beauty Durham! We are proud to offer a range of waxing treatments that are all carried out by our experienced therapist. For more information, please call us on 0191 447 9490 or visit: belleamedurham.co.uk