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    Our Tips For Keeping Hair Healthy In Colder Months

Our Tips For Keeping Your Hair Healthy In The Colder Months

As the autumn months are upon us and the weather gets colder, problems with the condition of your hair and its health can arise. From the cold air, your hair and scalp can dry causing extra frizz. In this blog we are going to give you some of our top tips for keeping your hair healthy through the Autumn/ Winter months.

Hair Care Products That Add Moisture

If you already have dry hair and you are not currently using a moisturising shampoo to help, then switching to one during the Autumn/ Winter months will help to keep your hair and scalp hydrated. The crisp weather can suck the moisture from your roots leaving your hair feeling flat and rough. Hair treatments that are created to add moisture to your hair such as specialised shampoos and conditioners will help to rejuvenate the parts of your hair where it has become dry or damaged.

Keeping Your Hair Trimmed

Many people don’t realise that the heat from within your home and then going out in the cold or rain can cause damage to your hair which can make it more prone to damage and split ends. Having a regular trim to remove the split ends will help your hair to remain in good condition and look healthier.

Hair Masks

Pampering your hair with a hair mask often will soothe and protect the individual strands. There are many options for hair masks: you can get masks to leave in overnight, 5-minute masks and conditioner masks which you leave in while you shower. Masks absorb into your hair straight away leaving you with no mess and instantly fresher looking hair.

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