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    Get Your Nails Holiday Ready with Belle Ame!

Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Autumn/Winter!

As the cold weather kicks in it can not only be a shock to the system but it can be a shock to your skin too! In this blog we discuss how to keep your skin hydrated with Dermalogica.

There are many factors that can affect your skin when it comes to Winter, whether it’s the frosty air or stuffy air caused by home heating. All these factors can result in breakouts and sensitive skin.

But there is a solution…

Dermalogica has a wide range of skin treatments to lock in your skins moisture and create a barrier defence to keep your skin glowing all year round!

Here at Belle Ame we can complete a complementary full Face Mapping Skin Analysis to help you pin point what is causing your sensitive worries and which Dermalogica products are perfect for you!

To find out more or to book your free Face Mapping Analysis, please call Belle Ame on 0191 447 9490 or visit: belleamedurham.co.uk