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    Keep Your Coloured Hair Healthy

Keep Your Coloured Hair Healthy

So, you’ve joined the coloured hair clan, or you’ve just had a root touch up, either way it’s important that you take care of your coloured hair and give it some well needed TLC! Below we have provided you with some tips on keeping your hair, shiny, smooth and in fantastic condition.

Wash Your Hair LESS Frequently

Did you know that the more you wash your hair the quicker the colour will fade? Imagine it being like a new set of curtains in a window that gets sunlight all day long. The more they’re in the sun the more they’ll fade… your hair is the same. Washing your hair once or twice a week is enough and if your hair gets greasy in between, check out on of our recent blogs about how to stop your hair from becoming greasy, click here.

Just Conditioner

If you’ve been washing your hair every day, firstly try to stop and secondly skip straight to conditioner. This will add softness to your hair and nourish it. This will also stop the colour from fading as fast. It is important to only do this every so often as your hair will still need washing with shampoo at least once a week.

Heat Protection

Heat protection will be your best friend when blow drying, straightening or curling your hair. The spray will reduce the heat damage and even out how your hair heats up. They don’t completely insulate your hair but they do help to PROTECT your hair from further damage.

Air Dry

Drying your hair with a hair dryer is quick, easy and means you can leave looking super fresh but, even with the heat protectant they will still damage your hair. If you can, let your hair air dry and this will let your hairs natural oils do what they need to do to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

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