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    Is Your Hair Ready For The Sun?

Is Your Hair Ready For The Sun?

As we head towards the spring months and prepare for the sun, the heat, sun and humidity can have a large impact on your hair. It is important to make sure that your hair maintains its moisture and is protected. In this blog we are going to provide you with our tips for protecting your hair.

Night Treatments

Using products such as leave-in conditioners or moisturizing hair masks will combat dry, frizzy hair and help to rejuvenate weaker strands. Leaving products in overnight will mean you will wake up with tamed, soft and fresh-looking hair! If you find that your hair is dull and damaged, try an overnight hair mask to give your hair that glossy look.

Wash Your Hair Less Often

If you wash your hair on a daily basis, we recommend cutting that back to every other day or less. Frequent hair washing will strip natural oils from your scalp which results in additional oil making you feel the need to wash your hair more often. Sometimes, instead of washing your hair just rinsing with water will keep your hair moisturised and not dry it out.

Using A Wide Tooth Comb

When you are in direct sunlight and your hair dries out, using a hairbrush that can pull at your hair will cause even more damage. A wide tooth comb will be a lot more gentle on damaged areas of your hair and will untangle any cotters quicker and in a less painful way. A small change to the way you brush your hair and the product you use could have a huge impact on the condition of your hair!

Sun Protector Products

There are a range of different products that are on the market for protecting your hair while you are out in the sun. When the sunlight contacts your hair, it causes weathering and oxidative damage to your hair making it dry. There are a number of products you can buy and use which will help to repair your hair and keep it moisturised. Plus, you also have the option to wear a hat/ head wear during the warmer months to stop your hair from becoming damaged.

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