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    How To Keep Your Nails Salon Fresh At Home

How To Keep Your Nails Salon Fresh At Home

href= There’s no better feeling than coming out of the salon with a new set of nails. This may not be an option at the moment but there’s still lots of ways to keep your nails looking fresh and healthy. In this blog we discuss some top tips to keep your nails feeling great.

Take care of your cuticles

When you wear nail extensions and gel often it can take it’s toll on your cuticles if they are not cared for correctly. Make sure to keep them moisturised with oil as well pushing them back regularly which can help promote growth. .

Make sure to remove any old polish

If you leave polish or gel on your nails for long periods it can not only cause damage but staining too. If you have left over polish, ensure you remove it completely letting your nail breathe. For regular nail varnish, normal remover will work whereas gel polish requires 100% acetone solution to remove it safely.

Keep them trimmed.

Ensuring you regularly trim your nails will make sure they are kept healthy and it also reduces breakages which may occur when your nails are longer. Don’t forget to file and buff too as this not only acts as the finishing touch but it encourages growth too.

Don’t forget your hands.

Especially at this time, we are washing our hands lots more which can make them dry and cracked. Although it’s important to keep your nails healthy, don’t forget about your hands making sure you keep them well moisturized.

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