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    How to Keep Your Hair Looking Fabulous In Winter

How to Keep Your Hair Looking Fabulous In Winter

Winter is upon us and with it brings cold weather which can play havoc with your skin and hair! In this blog we talk about some top tips to keep your hair looking happy and healthy throughout Winter.

Don’t Over wash Your Hair

You may be tempted to jump in a nice hot shower every night and wash your hair, but this isn’t always the best idea. By washing your hair too often it can damage your scalp which can cause flaking and frizzy hair which no one wants. Instead opt for a warm not hot shower and don’t wash your hair excessively.

Give Your Hair A Boost

Cold weather and snow can cause your hair to become dry and lifeless. So, it’s important to remember to give it a boost, moisturising the ends of your hair as they become most affected. Conditioner is always a must too especially in Winter.

Stick with Simple Styles

In Winter your hair is extra prone to being affected by the elements so it’s crucial to make sure you don’t add to that effect. Try and stay away from heated styling items and strip back the products too.

Spruce Yourself with A New Do

If you are struggling to get your hair how you want it, talk to the professionals! Here at Belle Ame we can help bring your hair dreams to life. Whether you are looking for a refresh or a completely new hairstyle, we can help plus provide advice too.

To find out more and book an appointment, please call 0191 447 9490 or visit: www.belleamedurham.co.uk