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    How to Keep That Salon Fresh Look

How To Keep That Salon Fresh Look

We all have to admit, when we leave the salon we say “I wish I could make my hair feel like that” or “I wish my hair looks like this when I do it”. It seems to be a natural thing that we do. It doesn’t even matter if you use exactly the same products, hair stylists just seem to be the best! As hairdressers, we don’t just go for the new cut or colour look, we aim to provide you with that salon fresh feeling too. It’s all about the smell of your hair, the shiny look and the compliments you get… until your next wash at home.

So, because we can’t make that fresh salon look last forever, we have provided you with some of our tips and tricks to make it look like you’ve been to the salon every day!

Shampoo & Conditioner

It seems simple, but make sure that when you wash your hair both products are from the same series- this is exactly what we do as hairdressers. The scents and ingredients will match perfectly leaving you with lavish, clean, fresh smelling hair.


There’s no harm in indulging a little and giving yourself a cheeky head massage. This will help to stimulate your scalp and the products will work while you are massaging them into your hair… leaving you with extra fresh hair.

Get That Extra Shine

Top tip: for that extra shiny, healthy look, rinse your hair with cooler water after washing it. This will seal the cuticles in your hair and give you that glossy, high brow look that you are going for. Plus, only washing your hair with warm water not hot will help too!

Blow Dry

Blow dry your hair over a round brush! This will take a bit of practice, but you’ll get there. If you can’t quite master that, try rotating your brush as this will also start to add volume to your hair. A good hair dryer is worth the investment. It will give you faster drying and make styling your hair much easier.

We hope these tips help you to achieve that salon fresh look at home!

If you are due a hair appointment, take a look at the hair services that we offer and we can help you create your dream look. Call the Belle Ame team on 0191 447 9490 or visit: www.belleamedurham.co.uk